Friday, December 20, 2013

Week 1B

Hello everyone! 
I miss everyone so much! It feels like I've been away from home forever! but it also feels like I got here yesterday! The MTC is great! It's a lot of fun and I was placed with the best district in the world! We are all super comfortable with eachother and we act like a family!

Dad: Im glad that work has picked up! and i don't recognize the name of the guy who replaced me.. And thanks for the package! I got it last night! I was worried about the shoes because i put them on and they didnt fit! This morning i remember that I tried them on with the custom insoles in the store so i put those in the shoes and they fit perfectly! And I also love the bag! and about getting sick, i didnt get sick until i got that letter from you dad! haha i got sick wednesday night with sore sinuses and i didn't get that much sleep so thursday was really hard to focus in class, but i got better by thursday night!

Mom: Sundays are really cool! We have a sacrament meeting with our zone and they pick us at random to give talks, IN SPANISH, so we have to have one prepared for every sunday! Then we study for hours on end, but its nice because its scripture study rather than spanish study! Spanish study gets old sometimes because we study it about 10 hours a day.. We also have priesthood meeting with our zone and at night we go to a devotional with all the missionaries at main campus. It was cool because the devotional was put on by the BYU mens chorus and it was just amazing!

Lindsay: Congratulations on your new calling! To answer some of your questions, my zone all has bad gas and no one is afraid to share it! I'm worried that the Hermanas are feeling comfortable about it because everyone talks about that stuff together in our district.. thats how close we've gotten in a week! haha oh and just to let everyone know, the first night, my companion Elder Gilbert said, "Elder, im sorry but i snore" hahahaha its awesome, because i got the perfect companion for my first companion!

Emiline: Im doing pretty good and yeah time is flying by already! The first weekend was really slow, but it picked up quick! Everyone describes staying at the MTC the same way! Days feel like weeks, but weeks feel like days. The food is okay.. not the greatest but there is a lot of good stuff! And tell chris that there is no caffine! haha
I did have a spiritual experience yesterday when our teacher told us to go and pray with our companions about the book of mormon and its truthfulness. We went and found an empty classroom in another apartment, (Our classrooms are in apartment buildings) and we prayed about it. It was an amazing experience and I have many more. I just don't know how to write them because i feel so constrained with my time on the computer that I can't think! Maybe I'll send some home in a handwritten letter.
Some of the fun things my district does is pranks. We love pulling pranks on eachother! we always scare the hermanas and eachother! The Elders in my apartment have pranked me twice in the shower.. the first time they poured cold cups of water over the curtain and the second time they threw a bucket of snow in, but i was prepared that time so i dodged the snow! haha
We do work hard at the same time so don't think im not being a good missionary or anything, because our district is one of the hardest working districts here!
I can't believe how much spanish I've learned in a week! I can pray in spanish which started coming naturally to me when i was blessing my food a few days after i got here! I can bear my testimony, teach lessons, im starting to be able to converse casually in spanish too! We try to speak as much spanish as possible so there is a lot of spanglish here on west campus. All the missionaries on west campus are learning spanish so its really cool!

I hope to hear from all of you soon! I love getting letters! Elder hixon (other companionship) has gotten at least 2 letters and a package everyday since we've been here!
I miss everyone so much and I love you all!
                                                                                                                              Love, Elder Koehler

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