Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 7 & 8

Well I'm finally here in Mexico! It is so crazy! Mexico City is very busy! The weather is probably about 70 degrees during the day and it gets really cold at night so i am grateful for the sweaters you sent mom and dad! 
My new p day will be Monday, but since we traveled on Monday, they are allowing us to email today (January 22, 20140)!
Only send mail through USPS, or there will be taxes on the mail. My mission president said that the mail service is very reliable, however I will only be able to receive letters and packages about once a month because I am so far away from the mission office..
My mailing address for my whole mission will be:
Elder Connor Keith Koehler
Mexico, Mexico City North Mission
Apartado Postal #98
Cuautitlan Izcalli, Edo. de México 54740
Saturday January 25, 2014: My language study today was more efficient! One of the zone leaders said that Gordan B. Hinckley said that if you read the book of Mormon in another language along with your native language, you will be fluent by the time you finish! So I am reading one verse in Spanish, the same in English, then again in Spanish. Just one chapter helped soooo much!
I was so hungry today and had no food in the apartment that i resorted to eating a tuna fish sandwich... it was okay at first surprisingly, but by the end it was horrible! haha
Sunday January 26, 2014: Today I got to meet the whole ward! Everyone was so nice! We met with Jaime for the first time today too and he told us that he didn't want to change religions and that he just wanted to learn more about Christ, but by the end of the lesson we helped him to want to change his life and invited him to be baptized and he said yes!

Monday January 27, 2014: Today was my first p day! It was awesome! I got to meet most of my zone and finally speak some English again! We played soccer and it was fun! I met an elder that is in the same ward as hermana lopez (From my district in the MTC) too! It was cool finding someone that I had something in common with!
Things are going much better my second week in Mexico!! I am able to understand a lot more and I am also able to speak better! Not necessarily correctly, but I am retaining more vocabulary. What gets me, is trying to speak in past tense because there are 2 different ways depending on the situation! But with study, it is coming a lot easier. Also, my zone leaders told me that my language is coming along faster than average! They said i will definitely have the language down by my goal of 3 months or even sooner!
So to describe Mexico a little more, it is very dirty. There is trash all over the streets! Also, everything here is very cheap! I receive 1500 pesos each month and that gives me about 350 a week (which i don't even need that much) So I'm pretty rich down here! haha

Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Trip to the Mexican Consolate in Las Vegas

At The Las Vegas Airport 
Thursday January 9: Today I woke up at 3:45 to get ready and left for the airport at 4:30. I saw President Webster in the security line! I knew I was going to see someone today! I totally called it the day before! Then this random lady came up to us all and said that it was her tradition to take pictures of missionaries and send their moms pictures of them! It was really cool and nice! Let me know if you got them, because then it happened in Las Vegas too!! haha so Las Vegas was pretty boring.

Mitch Gibb's Mom

On The Plane to Las Vegas
 Another crazy thing though was running into Mitch Gibb's (from madrigals) mom! She was looking at me and couldn't see my name tag and finally she asked what my last name was! I didn't recognize her at all!

It was nice being with Elder Sontag!

Text from President Webster to Keith Koehler 01/09/2014:  I'm flying to Las Vegas with Connor today!  Apparently he was on a visa trip.  He looked great! DAVID R. WEBSTER