Friday, December 13, 2013

Week 1

Hola Familia!!
I miss everyone so much already!!! The first couple of days and nights were rough here, but today I am starting to really get the hang of things! Walking away from the car, I felt so welcomed by everyone so that was really good! I immediately started meeting new people. We got all of our books and bussed to west campus where we put our stuff in our apartments. I saw Hermana Gregory that day! I haven't seen Elder Nelson yet though. We went to our class and Spanish was immediately thrown at us! I've learned so much already! 
My companion is Elder Gilbert. He is from Washington and I can tell that we are gonna be great companeros! Same with my district! It consists of 4 Hermanas and 4 Elders.
Us 4 Elders (Elder Sonntag, Hixon, Gilbert) share an apartment in Wyview, which are the apartments where Brianne (makell's friend) lives! I wonder if I'll run into her? Anyways I get along really well with the Elders and Hermanas. We all have a lot of fun!
Today is our Pday (fridays). We actually get an hour to write emails! It's the first day I've really gotten to settle in here and stop feeling anxiety from being out of contact. Even though it's Pday we still had to teach a lesson to a mock investigator today. And to let you know how much I've already learned, my companion and I taught the mock investigator a 15 minute lesson in pure Spanish! I was amazed at what we knew and I know that I have truly been blessed with the gift of tongues!
I'm excited to get out there and serve in Mexico! I hope everyone is doing well!
Oh and by the way, the works a lot faster! I haven't gotten any mail from USPS yet. I sent some pictures of my district earlier in an email so let me know if you got them!
                                                                                                        Love, Elder Koehler

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